Solutions Start with Consultrex Inc’s., Economic Development Consulting Services provides access to Business Incentive Programs and HR Solutions, such as enabling your business to obtain government reimbursement grants to off-set cost to train your employees.




California state agencies and top organizations engage with Consultrex  for strategic initiatives


Solutions Start With Consultrex

We are committed to the economic development and business incentive consulting practice because we know you don’t have time for a learning curve, and you want a proven partner to meet your goals. This means our clients can quickly access available state and federal tax credits, grants, and incentives programs encouraging business growth.
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Business Incentives

New available government incentives to help grow your business through this difficult time

Training Grants

Leverage California Employment Training Funds to offset the costs of your training programs.

HR Solutions

We help small and mid-sized businesses develop a solid HR strategy, manage health and safety regulations and reduce their legal HR risks.

Our Mission Is To Empower

Our mission is to empower business with employment training grants and funding opportunities from economic development incentive programs for California businesses that enable workers with training, paying good wages, opportunities for advancement and assist employers to successfully compete in the global economy.


Funded Grants

California Paid Family Leave Small Business Grants


Training Grants

Corporate Employment Training Grants


Small Businesses Served

Distributed Funding to more than 200+ California Small Businesses


Employees Trained

Small Businesses trained over 40,000 hours of instruction