Training Grants

Financial assistance to
support customized
worker training


We leverage government funds to offset costs of your training programs. Let us help you claim your California employer training reimbursements. No up-front cost and reimbursements are paid directly to you from the State of California. The California Employment Training funds job-related vocational skills training for businesses creating new jobs or retraining current workers.

Single Employer Contract


Single Employer



Multiple Employer Contract


Multiple Employer


Services Provided

Program Development

Consultrex is dedicated to developing and administering employee training contracts for companies who wish to obtain funding from the State of California and utilize Consultrex proprietary format for the application process specifying the following elements: need/reason for training, occupations to be trained, estimated number of trainees, and training curriculum, cognizant of each trainee’s curriculum can be customized to the exact needs of the company.

Program Adiministration

Access an experienced and successful consulting agency to assist in the ever-changing regulations, trends, tracking, administration and bureaucracy which often makes the difference between success and failure. Utilizing our Expert Resource provides comprehensive step-by-step assistance to help your company develop, secure and administrate California Grants.

Promotion & Outreach

Consultrex has the expertise to develop a complete training needs analysis in any industry. The report may vary in scope or depth, depending on your requirements. Typically, each company department is interviewed through a Consultrex facilitated meeting. Consultrex will identify what training and procedures are in place necessary to improve performance.

Employment Training Benefits

About ETP

ETP is funded by a special tax on California employers to reimburse the cost of employer-driven training for incumbent workers and training needed by unemployed workers to re-enter the workforce. ETP-funded training helps ensure California businesses have the skilled workers they need to be competitive.

Small Business

ETP incentivizes training for small businesses. 60% of businesses served by ETP employ 100 or fewer workers, representing over 2,600 small business employers.

Priority Industries

ETP prioritizes training for industries key to the State's economic health, including manufacturing, biotechnology, agriculture, healthcare, construction, high technology services, multimedia/ entertainment, goods movement and transportation logistics.

Business Investment

Employers invest in the training, matching the equivalent of at least one dollar for every dollar spent by the State for training.

Employer Driven Training

ETP fulfills its mission by reimbursing the cost of employer-driven training for incumbent workers and funding training for unemployed workers, which is designed to help them re-enter the workforce. Companies decide which workers need training, develop their own training plans, and select their own trainers.

Funding Contract Amounts

Single Employer Contract

Employer applies for a contract with ETP and funds are paid directly to the employer as earned.

Multiple Employer Contract

Organizations apply for a grant from ETP to help other companies fund their own training.

Training Reimburstment Rate

Priority Industry per training includes classroom/laboratory, productive laboratory, CBT, and video conference.